Thursday, April 10, 2003

Comments, Links

Andy Ahn sent me the URL for a webpage with a bunch of his photos. Some of these are of his 24th birthday party, when he went out to dinner with Kevin Yu, Peter Chen, James Huang and company. Aww, they're all grown up!

I've thought of a better answer to give when people ask what kind of music I like: "I have a relatively utilitarian attitude towards music; most of what I listen to is for a certain purpose. For example, I listen to a lot of j-pop because I study Japanese off and on. I listen to Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals to learn about American culture. I turn to KKJZ to learn a little about jazz." Herm, or maybe I should just stick with the generic "You can't beat the Smashing Pumpkins."

I fixed up my freeshell site. It's even got a secret link somewhere. More like a hidden directory. Hidden very well.


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