Tuesday, August 19, 2003

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I'm in Illinois! Wheaton, to be exact; it's about an hour west of Chicago, a midsize town that is host to Wheaton College, where Laurel will be studying this year. The plane ride was routine, I mananged to sleep through most of it since I stayed up very late last night finishing the transfer of photos from a rain-damaged and moldy album to a brand-new album.

It was a matter of some debate in our family as to the best way to sleep on an airplane. My mom swears by "butterfly pillows" that wrap around the neck and support the head, combined with a reclined seat. Me, I prefer to put down the tray cross my arms on it, and lean my head onto the cushion created by the arms. For me, falling asleep while sitting up is too "open," leaves too much undefended. I jealously guard my personal space.

First impression of Chicago and surrounding cities: very green, large trees.

We're staying with some old friends from Spain, the Wrobbels. They have a huge front yard, a large backyard, and a rabbit living under their deck. It's also interesting that all the backyards are seperated by waist-high chain-link fence, so you can look down and see about five backyards in a row. This makes the space seem so much bigger. Since the weather is so pleasant right now, we had dinner outside: grilled hamburgers, potato salad, a green salad, veggie mix (carrots, green beans, baby corn), and strawberries on angel food cake for dessert. Delish!


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