Sunday, September 07, 2003

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BitTorrent is a program that helps you to download files, which are usually big files like movies, operating systems, or other large programs. The reason BitTorrent is so good for downloading is that you don't just download stuff from the person who had it first, you download from the source person and from everybody else who was downloading it when you started. So you effectively have as many sources as there were people participating in the download when you began. This multi-source method not only lets you download more quickly, it also reduces the chance that the source person will be overwhelmed with download requests by distributing the task around the group of people that are all downloading simultaneously.

Now that we know what BitTorrent is, I can explains that I've been using it to download episodes of Japanese drama. Over the past few days, I've nabbed two episodes of Shotgun Marriage (Dekichatta Kekkon), and I'm working on the second and third episodes of Home & Away.

I also searched out a Usenet server (let's not get into that) that carries alt.binaries.japanese.multimedia, where people post avis of Japanese dramas and TV shows. It makes me very happy that somebody is posting the latest episodes of Hey Hey Hey, Music Champ. The most recent one available is September 1st.

Oh, and it just hit me today how much reading I have to do: A Lot. I'm working on it.


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