Wednesday, September 03, 2003

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First class today, Chinese 3. I'm one of two (possibly three) grad students in a class of almost twenty. Still, it means I'm at the upper end of the curve. When I started taking Chinese at Occidental, it was discouraging how good the other kids were. I felt like, no matter how much I studied, the other students would always be using words in their essays that I didn't know, and cracking jokes with the teacher that I didn't understand. I know that's part of learning a new language, but it's still very discouraging. I hope I can be more encouraging to my fellow students as we all struggle together.

New vocab:

吓得跟什么似的 (xia4 de shen2 me si4 de)
something like: scared of/like anything. Variations (courtesy of " 我吓得什么都不记得啦 ", " 吓得跟猴似的 " (scared like a monkey) and " 骂人好大声,常常被他一骂吓得什么都忘记了 "

My Chinese class ran for an hour starting at 10am. Afterwards, I talked with John for a bit, printed out this month's calendar, stopped by the ATM, picked up a course packet for CCS 501 from Duplication ($34 and about two inches thick), and walked home. Ham sandwich, apple and grapes for lunch. Washed down with Black Cherry Kool-aid. Slashdot, New York Times, and now I'm off to study. Nothing doing until 7pm tonight, Games & Diversions in the Chemistry Atrium sponsored by HMCC.


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