Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Comments, Links

In his latest post, Zeldman proves that accesibility is, in the end, in the hands of the designer. XHTML and stylesheets are only tools, and if you don't put alt tags (or title tags) in links to images, seeing-impaired and lynx-using web browsers won't get the joke, or insight, or whatever Zeldman was trying to illustrate.

This comment is, of course, just the humble offering of a web design newb to the master. Zeldman's weblog rocks.

On a scholastic note, I've spent a lot less on books this year. Liberal arts books are cheaper, though more books are assigned. The New York Times notes that less students are buying all the required books for class. In my case, books for several of my classes sold out and I ended up ordering them used on Amazon. Probably saved some cash, too.

Sometimes scanning through my logs I see a repeat visitor whose identity I'd really like to know. For example, that person in Malaysia who used to visit every couple of weeks. Nowadays, it's the person at Who are you? Should I implement/enable comments so I can find out who these people are?


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