Thursday, September 25, 2003

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My dream of opening a bookstore in Beijing is still alive. A New York Times story tells about the "abridgement" of Hillary Clinton's Living History in its Chinese translation. My dream is to bring uncensored books to China, even if they're only in English. And lots of copies of Lonely Planet - China.

Owning a bike with the gear-switcher mounted into the handlebar is great.

Busy day today, capped off by the Harvest Mission chuch grad Bible study. Harvest is a great group of people, very open and friendly. Bible study was a very positive experience.

I dumped a few of the mp3's that I've been enjoying lately in a folder on freeshell. Unless they push me over my quota too often, they should be up for a few weeks.

E.B.T.G vs Soul Vision - Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal.mp3
F4 - Meteor Garden.mp3
Heartsdale - CANDY POP feat SOULd OUT.mp3
Utada Hikaru - Distance (MFlo Remix).mp3

Actually, tonight I'm rocking to the Sugarcubes. Bjork rules.


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