Sunday, October 12, 2003

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I'm not planning on going anywhere this vacation weekend, and I've still got a very full schedule. Yesterday after Chinese class I raced home, showered, and made a trip over the the grocery store to restock on food and cooking supplies. Back home, I pulled out the recipe cards that Annie made me for Christmas a couple years ago and I whipped up a couple batches of yogurt muffins; I even put little drops of raspberry jelly on the peach muffins. Biked back to campus for language exchange Friday, where I asked them to be guinea pigs and try out my muffins. They turned out delicious, thank goodness. At four o'clock, I got a ride to Burns Park where the Center for Chinese Studies was having a picnic for all students and staff. James Lee and Albert Park both came, plus Miranda Brown, and lots of other people I haven't met. Spent most of the time talking with Dan, Helena and another girl (whose name starts with L; blasted long-term memory!). Dwight's mom complimented my muffins; in fact, they were half-gone by the end of the party, quite a success I'd say. Walked back with Helena and chatted along the way.

Biked home and got my stuff ready, because last night was Impact Sleepover Night. After the Access bible study, we all met up at the MedSci building and the guys piled into several cars for the trip to Yung's house in Canton--the girls went to Joyce's house. Yung has a beautiful home in a new neighborhood, plush white carpets, a big widescreen TV, and fabulous kitchen with the biggest oven I've ever seen. We watched a Hong Kong movie (The Duel, not recommended), during which I fell asleep. It's OK though, I think everybody was tired and we all pretty much fell asleep right afterwards. In the morning we got up early and some guys went to Krogers across the street and picked up donuts, fruit, bagels, cereal, juice, sausage and eggs. I stayed home with John and we cleaned the place to a wicked shine. By the time breakfast was ready, the girls were pulling into the driveway and we all sat down for breakfast and conversation. Afterwards, we split up into two groups, one to go shopping at a big mall and one to go home. I've gotta do laundry and run back for some more groceries, and I've got a dinner commitment tonight so I couldn't stay. What a fun group.

Oh, and the trees are turning all sorts of dazzling colors. Mom, you should be jealous.


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