Sunday, October 19, 2003

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Oh wow, so a ticket to the Michigan-Illinois football game fell into my lap last night (thanks Micah--the other Micah!). It was great, attendance was 110,231 people but the stadium has a cozy feel and the players didn't look microscopic so the game was easy to follow. The marching band was great, but the best part of the game was the fans. The spirit was infectious! There were cheers, waves and booing at the officials, all part of a good game.

A couple of things I neglected to write about. I saw Lost In Translation last weekend with Dan. The movie was great, and it was a privilege to listen to Dan's insightful comments on the movie. A separate event: this Friday instead of the usual conversation at the School of Social Work Building, Helena and I went over to our language exchange partners' apartment and we had a delicious lunch! Fish in brown sauce, julienned potato and carrot in a light red sauce, browned onion and pork, and my favorite: fried egg with (boiled? very soft, at least) sweet red pepper. Delish! That night, after Access, a bunch of Impact folks went out to the Pizza House for a snack. It was very busy, very loud; tried to have a nice conversation with Andri but it was hard to hear each other. That, and I'm still learning to make conversation. Slowly and very painfully learning.


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