Thursday, November 06, 2003

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This is probably my favorite Faye Wong song, so I put it on Freeshell:

  • Faye Wong - Wo Yuanyi.mp3

This afternoon I went out to lunch with Miranda Brown, Lenore, and Li Xiang after 335. We went to TK Wu's, the new Chinese place that everybody is raving about, on Liberty down from Borders. Last time, I ordered off the lunch special menu like the tight-fisted Scrooge that I am and so I thought the food was nothing special. Today, I was shown the "special menu" and the Chinese-language-only menu sitting behind the bottle of sweet-and-sour sauce, from which you can order much more authentic and delicious food.

After Bible study tonight, a bunch of guys and Sandy took me out to the Westside Grill for Wings. We rocked the foosball table, and supped on buffalo wings and celery sticks. Thanks guys!


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