Tuesday, January 13, 2004


I posted this link before on the other weblog, but the page address has since been changed so I re-discovered it and I present it to you now, American Lifestyles & Habits. It's a guide to American culture for visiting scholars and students from the former Soviet republics, but I think it's useful even for Americans to read to remind ourselves of our unique cultural peculiarities. A sample:

You might think Americans are odd because....

  • They might let their dogs and cats sleep on the couch, or even IN BED with them!
  • They might not eat anything at all for breakfast - so be sure to ask for some.
  • They may treat their guests as members of the family and expect you to do things like laundry for yourself.
  • The husband might do the food shopping and the cooking while the wife is still at work.
  • Their food may seem strange to you.

It's worth reading the entire page; it may be especially timely for Katie Beth as she heads off to China, to remember when she observes strange new customs and habits in her time abroad.


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