Sunday, March 07, 2004

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The Internet can seem large and daunting, but in actually it's still quite small. And that's what makes it cool. Here's an example.

On February 4th, I was reading Brainysmurf's weblog, specifically the entry where he points to the China Study Group. I go and surf their site for a while, and eventually follow a link to The Mao of Pooh, a parody of socialim through Winnie the Pooh stories. I think it's not serious enough for China, Michigan, Books, but definitely worth mentioning, so I jot it down here at Blogspot.

Richard Eriksson, the man behind China Weblog, reads my page sometimes so later that day he picks up on the Mao of Pooh link and drops it into China Weblog: Asides. Richard's weblog has much traction with the China weblog community, so Wayne of the Sinosplice community picks it up four days later. Such a good link should be shared, and since Wayne is a member of Metafilter (one of the English web's top community-linkblogs), he shares it with the world on Mefi. From Metafilter, it scatters in the four cardinal directions, getting picked up by bunches of other weblogs.

So that's my "6 degrees to to the world". Ain't it great?

And a month later, the Guardian online features it in their Webwatch column.


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