Sunday, March 06, 2005

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Beautiful, beautiful RAM upgrade. From 256 MB to 256 + 512 MB. And like almost everything I'd done hardware-wise on this computer, the installation was smooth as silk, just plugged it in, booted up, and saw the new RAM total, triple of before! Woo! I got 512 MB of Kingston PC3200 CL3 RAM. Cost me RMB 525, about USD 64. Considering this starts for USD 55 on Pricewatch, I'd say I got a pretty good deal.

After picking that up at the Metro City shopping center in Xujiahui, I hopped down to Harley's Bar for the Lei Feng Memorial Concert. Highlights were the performances by The Herb:

...And 惊弓之鸟 (Bird Scared at the Sight of a Bow... Maybe Scaredy Cat?):

Joel was there with a bunch of his co-workers; Max was there with a couple of his pals; in fact this concert was well attended all-around. Where were you?


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