Sunday, June 26, 2005

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I reviewed last night's Cold Fairyland concert on the ShanghaiExpat boards. It went something like this:

As usual, Cold Fairyland rocked the house. Notes from the show:

  • Is extreme heat the standard for summer concerts in Shanghai? Thankfully, somebody opened the windows near the end of the show and a relaxing breeze cooled off the place.

  • Did anybody else see the lead singer for the Herb go absolutely insane when the band played Dengdai Gaobie? I would have joined her, but I was, ahem, wrapped up at the time.

  • The band played, like, 5 or six encores. Lindi said "As long as people are staying, we're going to keep playing."

  • Did people notice the audiovisual presentation to the left of the stage? Most of the photography was either by Lindi herself, or friends of the band. My favorites were the photos of Chinese minorities. I also liked that they flashed up the lyrics every once in a while, so I could stumble along following them.

  • I was surprised that the crowd make-up was very different from that of the usual Harley crowd, which tends to be more international.

  • There were six or seven CDs for sale.

If the Shanghai concert scene were like eBay, I would give this performance a Two Thumbs Up, AAAAA+++++, Would Go To See Again! Thanks for Playing!!

Unofficial roll call for the night: Micah, Jodi, Asa, Chris, Max, Xiao Yu, Brad, John.


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