Monday, August 22, 2005


While Asa and I were walking around the Zhongshan Park area tonight looking for dinner, I decided to write a post about how I used to have friends that would eat with me at hole-in-the-wall places, but not anymore.

Then we spent RMB 20 a piece at a back neighborhood place to eat 川椒辣子鸡, 酸辣土豆丝, 香菠古老肉, and 鸡毛菜. Add in some lamb kebabs and serve over a bowl of rice. Yum!

Also, we noted that Zhongshan Park is similar to many of the more developed neighborhoods in Shanghai in that the depth of the development is very shallow, such that by walking just a block or two you can move from luxury high-rises to old-school apartments and brick houses. We saw some very charming ivy covered cottages just ten minutes by foot from the Zhongshan Park metro station.


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