Saturday, September 03, 2005

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I wrote a review on ShanghaiExpat of today's metal concert at the Ark:

It rocked.

They put the guests as openers, and hometown metal groups as headliners and it worked great. I thought both Beijing groups were just OK; I mean, they had stage presence but all their songs sounded the same. Fortunately, both Qiying and Sizui rocked in their own ways. I thought Qiying was much improved from their last show at Harley's, not sure if it's just the Ark's sound system of if they really have been spending time practicing or if the singer just decided to let loose a little or if they gave more time to the guitarist, who has some serious skillz. Still not the greatest prog rock group in Shanghai (玄武门!!) but taking serious strides. But it was Sizui who brought the energy in the audience to its zenith; Sizui is really Shanghai's most professional metal band, though Xuejing gives them a run for their money. All band members are master craftsmen of their instruments, and the singer manages to vary it up enough to give the songs personality. I overheard at the end of the show that they will have a CD out soon, for now all they have is a demo with a few songs and they don't bring copies to their shows.

I love the Ark, I just wish it wasn't so expensive. My Yuyintang membership got me RMB 10 off, though. Woo! member 148!

I'm uploading picts as I type...

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Here we go:

Sizui rocked the crowd.

Went out for sushi with Asa afterwards. Going over to Jodi's soon to watch the current Korean soap, 巴黎恋人.


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