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For my own reference and because people might be curious, my school's English-track tuition and fees are in a Microsoft Word document linked to from our school's website. Our school's site is very poorly designed, but that's just as well because it's blocked in China right now. (UPDATE: a domestically hosted site is online now.)

PreschoolRMB 1,2500/sem (2500/mon)USD 1,613/sem
ElementaryRMB 2,3435/sem (4687/mon)USD 3023/sem
Middle SchoolRMB 2,7845/sem (5569/mon)USD 3,593/sem
High SchoolRMB 3,1845/sem (6369/mon)USD 4,109/sem

These are the approximate numbers for non-company employee children, based on 5 months per semester. I can't talk about tuition for children of employees because I signed an NDA when I started working at the school. Chinese track fees are almost exactly half of the above.

When people ask me about these numbers, I've always admit that I didn't remember. But it's true! Jodi always says I have no head for business. I'm guessing that if I could tell them, they'd gasp. But the fact is that we have a reputation among the English-language schools in Shanghai for providing good educational value for your buck. Annual tuition alone for the last year of high school can reach:

SMIC Private SchoolUSD 7,742
British Int'l School*USD 25,587
Dulwich College Shanghai USD 24,064
Shanghai Rego Int'l SchoolUSD 24,000
Concordia Int'l School Shanghai USD 23,910
Shanghai Community Int'l SchoolUSD 22,839
Yew Chung Int'l School of Shanghai USD 22,065
Shanghai American SchoolUSD 21,250
Shanghai Livingston American School
(added 2007-03-23)
USD 19,400
Shanghai Singapore Int'l SchoolUSD 16,800
Fudan High School, Int'l Division
(added 2007-06-14)
USD 10,323
Shanghai High School Int'l Division
(added 2007-03-23)
USD 11,045

(Tuitions are for Pudong campuses, if multiple campuses exist. Numbers current as of the date of this post; may be for current or next academic year. (*) Includes textbooks.) Hmm, looks like SMIC is something of an outlier. Also just for kicks, the average application fee at Shanghai int'l schools runs at about USD 200. SMIC's is USD 40.

Still, don't take those number as straightforward indicators of anything. Schools should be graded on a lot more than just tuition: also consider campus facilities, course selection, teacher quality and turnover, academic culture, etc. It's just... interesting.


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