Monday, January 06, 2003


The Borders that I work at is in La Habra, at the corner of Beach Blvd and Imperial Hwy. If you take Beach south for about a mile, you reach Buena Park. La Habra has a large latino american population; Buena Park has a large Korean community. Every week, I get a few customers asking where our Spanish book section is: "At the end of Literature". Surprisingly (or not surprisingly, given how corporate, centralized and homogenous Borders is these days), we have no Korean language books. Not that people ask; I think there are specifically-Korean bookstores that sufficiently cater to the compact Korean communities, whereas Spanish bookstores are few and hispano-hablantes are ubiquitous in California.

On the employment side, at our Borders we have at least three employees of hispanic descent, and none of korean. Is it that korean kids don't have to work for spending money? Or do they work at other places?

When I went to subway for lunch today, I tried to hit the Philipino Fast Food restaurant down on Beach, but it was closed. So I settled for Subway, which our SPO man K had recommended earlier. Behind the counter were a light-skinned young man and a dark-skinned older fellow. I found it amusing that one lady was able to order her sandwich in Spanish, while the Korean-looking customers had to order in English. That's what they get for steering their kids away from low-paying, no-respect McJobs (and should I say, alas, Borders-jobs).


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