Sunday, January 26, 2003


The first Asian American application to work at Borders that I have ever received was handed in a couple of weeks ago. Hurrah.

I was sitting at a red light, at the intersection of Kraemer and Yorba Linda, when I saw a phenomenon of nature that I haven't seen since I left Spain years ago: a group of birds flying north in a V-shape. In Spain we would see these reguarly, in a rotating pattern with the seasons. In fall, birds would fly south, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to the warm desert winds of Morocco. In the spring, they would return, flying V's fletching (is that a word?) across the sky to their Old World summer homes.

Tangentially, I just happened to be returning from Fry's, where I bought the first piece of my new computer. Say hello to the Shuttle SS51G, one of the smallest computer cases on the market today.


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