Sunday, May 11, 2003


Today was the monthly meeting of the OCLUG at Cal State Fullerton. The meeting was more of an informal gathering and install-fest by the time I got there at about 1pm, though I missed the first three hours so I can't comment on what happened during that time. The ages of the attendees ranged from high school age to old seasoned pros, probably fifty or sixty years old. About a dozen laptops were scattered around the room, with clumps of guys (oh, did I mention 100% male? Caltech all over again) gathered around pointing at the screens. A little Linux evangelism here, a little howto-ing there, sharing programs and scripts, installation disks and burned CDs. I met two handsome fellows: Scott, a computer trainer and consultant who was having a SuSE partition installed on his Acer laptop; and Dave, a programmer who was helping Scott, and showed me his most recent project involving libxml, a little C coding to transfer files across HTTP and FTP, to process orders for a large department store. Very cool stuff, it even gave me a breakthrough idea for the problem of sending my e-mail through UGCS.


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