Sunday, August 10, 2003


Sweet! Someone from Brunei visited my webpage. Why? They searched for Pucca pictures on Yahoo. Argh.

Tonight I went bowling tonight with friends: Andy Ahn, and Amy Chen. Very fun, catching up on news and just chatting about random stuff. Halfway through, Kevin Yu dropped by with his gf. I hadn't seen him since we graduated from high school, practically--gosh, that makes me feel old--six years ago. Kevin was the other junior with me in AP Chemistry, so we suffered a lot together. He's a nice guy, it was nice to talk to him and it's good to see him doing well. Andy brought his digital camera so we got a picture of the five of us; he should send it along soon.

Last night I made an outing to Pasadena to catch a showing of Charlotte Sometimes, but bad luck meant that Thursday was the last night of that movie. Consequently, I watched The Princess Blade (Japanese w/ subtitles) instead. It's an anime-style movie but with real actors, about an assassin princess who kills with a samurai sword. Revenge, the search for happiness, and the quest for ideals are all themes in the movie. A very good ending, a little surprising, but one where I found myself saying "If this movie ended right here, it would be groovy," and thirty seconds later the credits were rolling.

My favorite part of weblogs is reading the "About the Author" page. They are so much more interesting than the blurbs of the same name in the backs of books: "So-and-so lives in Moscow, Iowa; he has two cats and a parakeet." For example, one of the better ones I've come across recently is Alana's aboot page. It's titled "Boring Background" but it's actually quite fascinating. If I was a better writer, I could explain why. Maybe I connected with some of the things she experienced, maybe it's because it's a story with an ending-in-progress.


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