Thursday, October 02, 2003


Food adventures:

  • Picked up a bundle of green onions at Krogers last week. It's getting so cold around here that I feel like an ice cube every night after I bike back from campus. The most appetizing snack I can think then is a piping hot bowl of instant ramen/udon. And let me tell you, fresh green onion make a world of difference. Fragrant, crisp, with a slight edge.
  • Coming back from bible study tonight I passed by the coffee shop kitty corner from the School of Social Work. I remembered that they sell bags of day-old bagels, so I stopped by and picked one up, four bagels for $1.59 total. I just happened to have some cream cheese in the fridge--hooray for planning ahead--so I forwent noodles tonight and had an herb bagel with cheese. Maybe I don't eat enough bagels to tell the difference, but it tasted very fresh.

Today Prof Park laughed and told me I should become an economist. That's it, I'm taking econometrics, and his Development in China class next semester.


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