Wednesday, December 03, 2003



Stan Abrams (who does not have permalinks, by the way) (who permalinks by day) writes that the People's Daily announced Walmart's intention to open three new stores in Shanghai, starting next year.

Starting from 1996, Wal-Mart has opened 31 stores in 15 cities around the nation, employing over 16,000 people, but it is yet to make a foray into eastern China.

The company plans to get the three stores up and running with a total investment of US$18 million and registered capital of US$7.2 million.

According to Walmart China's website, there are 24 Walmart Supercenters in China. Walmart's US site claims there are 25, but strangely lists 26 locations. A case of strategic ambiguity? For comprehensiveness, I list the 26 below:

Province City
Guang Dong Shenzhen (6), Dongguan, Shantou
Yunnan Kunming (3)
Fujian Fuzhou (2), Xiamen (2)
Hunan Changsha
Jianxi Nanchang
Liaoning Dalian (2), Shenyang
Jilin Changchun (3)
Heilongjiang Harbin
Shangdong Jinan, Qingdao

I was surprised that Walmart has not opened a store in Beijing. There is a Sam's Club in Beijing, owned by Walmart. Walmart's China operation is based out of Shenzhen.


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