Sunday, January 04, 2004


OK, I'm inspired by Vickie and the Pitchfork Media top of 2003 lists to put together my own mini-review of the year.

Highlights of 2003

  • Building a computer out of parts, and installing Linux on it.
  • Book-borrowing priveleges as a Borders employee.
  • Planning and executing the grand Central American trip with Aaron.
  • Friday and Saturday nights out with fellow CCS folks.
  • Harvest Mission Christian Church in Ann Arbor.
  • Having a social life again in Michigan, albeit the social life of a grad student.
  • Finding out that I could be satisfied as a teacher, if I made a career out of it.
  • Snow.

Lowlights of 2003

  • Losing my book-borrowing priviledge at Borders for a month.
  • Substitute teaching at the junior high.
  • Getting robbed in Nicaragua.
  • Living at home, and the lack of a social life.
  • Re-adjusting to school responsibilities.
  • Snow.

Promises to myself for 2004

  • I will work to be a better friend.

  • I will concentrate on the little acts of discipline, and grow into a more responsible person.
  • I will be more excited about learning Chinese.
  • I will learn to sacrifice, and that getting enough sleep is a way of praising God.

Looking forward (with just the right amount of fear and excitement) to a fruitful 2004.


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