Saturday, January 31, 2004


On Thursday night, Andy Ahn drove down from Southfield to visit Ann Arbor. We met at Borders, went out to dinner at TK Wu's and made a run to Meijers. Andy is his same-old cynical self, great for conversation and generous beyond the call of friendship.

I went to Wendy's in the Union for dinner, and happened to meet up with Bryan and the refreshments team (RT). So we had dinner together—a very nice group.

Tonight Access Bible study was really great, I'm not sure why but the whole grouped seemed energized and plugged in to each other. Pastor Ben gave a great talk on I Corinthians 13 (hard to give a bad talk on that chapter, eh?). I think we all left convicted about loving each other in a self-less and unchanging way. Afterwards, the grad group spent some time praying together, and went to Meijers to shop for muffin ingredients.


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