Monday, February 16, 2004


Ever since I packed away my computer monitor, I've been online a lot less. Especially when I'm at home. I can still power up my computer and blindly peck away at the keyboard, so I'm able to play CDs and mp3s. Basically, it's a glorified jukebox and fileserver. Nothing wrong with that.

For the fam, who occasionally read the weblog to catch up on me, here's a sample of this weekend's happenings. Friday was a busy day: Chinese test in the morning; afternoon Contemporary China seminar by Kathy Johnson, from the Department of Defense, on the trends in the Chinese military; late afternoon job talk on the history of vegetarianism in China by an applicant to the department of Asian Languages and Culture; great Access bible study in the evening, Pastor Dave speaking on the church's response to homosexuality; and a trip to Krogers with bible study folks till late.

Saturday, get up early and study. In the afternoon, slide over to Sandy's apartment for an enchilada-making party, for a dinner with the int'l students bible study group, which I have to duck out of... for more hitting the books and also for attending the CCS Film Series film for this week, Crows and Sparrows. Afterwards, Dan, Dwight, Xiaomu, Helena, Wilson, Lenore and I have dessert at Grizzly Peak and stay out late talking about Chinese movies, restroom graffiti, and basketball. We make plans to see The Fog of War, which is playing at the Michigan Theatre, and also Blind Shaft, when it comes to Detroit.

Ann Arbor resident Raygun Gothic has a good review of The Fog of War.

Today Sunday, I've been dinking around, putting off studying. It will happen, though.


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