Wednesday, April 28, 2004


From the COM chat room on SDF:

[caelun] So what do you use UNIX For I'm quite new to UNIX any suggesttions on what it is useful for? [caelun] games,hacking,programming,chatting [alterego] [alterego] That's pretty much all I'm doing at the moment. [alterego] Though I also use Unix for web- development. [alterego] C/C++ programming. [alterego] Everything really. [alterego] It's the only operating system I use. [caelun] really? [alterego] Yes [caelun] I use XP pro [alterego] How wonderfull. [alterego] I'm sure Bill Gates is laughing his way to the bank. [caelun] Yeah right like I payed for it [caelun] WAREZ UNITE!! [alterego] Someone always does in the end.


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