Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Brian's comment tipped it, so I'm enabling Blogger comments. I had mulled it over previously:


  1. # of comments listed on each post
  2. links to commenter profiles
  3. HTML


  1. closed source
  2. data recoverability
  3. HTML
  4. "anonymous" posters

Either way:

  1. comment functionality
  2. e-mail notification (for me)

It was a close call. I figure I can screen scrape to archive comments (I already do this with posts). But this means that folks who don't have a Blogger account will either have to register with Blogger or post as "Anonymous", neither of which I'm happy about. Will this drive me to Wordpress? (or more likely, Blosxom?) I'll leave the old-style comment links up for a short transition period.


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