Thursday, June 10, 2004


Over the past few weeks, I have been procrastinating from finishing my Econ paper by hacking on the Kwiki Wiki. A few months ago I set up a personal wiki to organize my thoughts, make to-do lists, and post recipes. Over time, I discovered that there were certain data structures that I wanted to use but Kwiki didn't support, so I implemented a flexible alternative to DefinitionListFormatter (see my code on the same page), and a new procedure to mark-up email style blockquotes. Presuming myself to be a perl programmer-in-training, I borrowed heavily from code by Kwiki originator Brian Ingerson and ArchLUG KwikiMaster mike808. I was very happy this week when my blockquote code was turned into a MyFormatter subclass, and I got this message from mike808:

mike808 -- See? Refactoring and OO ain't too hard after all. :=) Welcome aboard, Micah.

So you'll now find MicahSittig in one more place.


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