Friday, July 09, 2004


Languages I heard today on my trip into Los Angeles:

  1. American English - at the train station.
  2. Spanish - on the train into LA.
  3. Korean - Koreatown, next to the Chinese embassy.
  4. Mandarin Chinese - visa pick-up line.
  5. Tagalog - on the subway.
  6. A southeast-Asian language I didn't recognize - walking through Chinatown.
  7. Cantonese - in the music shop in Chinatown.
  8. Vietnamese - in Vietnam Plaza, an outdoor market on the edge of Chinatown.
  9. Australian English - at Union Station, in the Amtrak line.

Picts: Los Angeles Visa Trip.

As regular as clockwork, the 9:30 PM Disneyland fireworks are popping on the aural horizon.


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