Monday, June 13, 2005


Kid Koala at Pegasus on Friday was cool. It was my first time at Pegasus: nice medium size place with a lowered dance floor, lots of loungy ("you can't sit here, it's reserved") couches, and a pool table in the closed but accesible Taco Popo. Would I go there just to hang out? No. The music was impressive, but I was a little disappointed because this time I actually had a date I wanted to dance with, and Kid Koala's music isn't entirely danceable. In fact, several times during the night he apologized for trying out very experimental, new stuff.

Muma at Harley's on Sunday was OK. Harley's is getting unbearably hot, temperature-wise; the place isn't ventilated to handle masses of people and it shows. If I have to endure another sweat-bath just to sit through a concert, it may convince me not to go next time. And I wasn't even dancing.

The music was pretty good. I got there late, so I missed Lanting (meh) and Jing Gong Zhi Niao (drat), and then we left before Sonnet came on. So the main attraction for me was Muma. Musically they fell into a little mediocre lull in the middle of their set but otherwise they were all over the place, filling out their label of "emo-core" very nicely. The drummer was a manic—way too big for his drum set, and either miked or pounding the living daylights out of it. At the end, the singer and drummer crowd surfed. The the drummer and guitarist traded places, and they improvised a little. That was extra cool. Asa was telling me that they hung out last night and did some jamming at a little bar. And that he met Mian Mian.

He has her cell number.



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