Saturday, August 13, 2005


This was my busy day:

  1. Take the morning off, sleep in and go online. Find free passes to Madame Zung tonight on the SmartShanghai forums.
  2. Run through the office, chat with co-workers, collect teaching materials and jet down to Xinshidai preschool.
  3. Teach an hour from class. Get a text message from Jodi saying she's already home, don't worry about coming to pick her up at work.
  4. Head straight to Asa's, chat as he packs up his last few things and, when Chris arrives, trundle everything downstairs and into a taxi. Ride a few blocks, pull stuff out onto the sidewalk, then trundle it up into his new apartment.
  5. Go out to dinner at the New York-style pizza place in the shopping center across from Jing'an Temple. Lindi joins us.
  6. Lindi and Asa get excited about dancing, so we taxi over to Madame Zung and dance to breakbeats for a couple of hours. The place is hopping. I'm sad because Jodi is not there, but I still have fun.
  7. Taxi home with Lindi because Asa and Chris are still dancing.

I'm beat.


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