Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I realized a couple days ago that I never did a cellphone-photo round-up for August. So here it is:

Early this month, Jodi's throat was giving her trouble and so we went to the hospital to get medicine, and of course they prescribed a saline drip! So we got to sit around in this room for a couple of hours playing pen-and-paper games, reading the paper, and watching the other patients get their drips changed. Exciting.

This is a concert! According to the calendar, this was Qiying and friends playing at Harleys, a rocking concert except for the lack of of Xuanwumen, which we forgive because...

...Blood Horror put on an amazing show; Xiao Yu came out with the front of his shirt soaked in a red, blood-like liquid, and then tore the house apart. Now that man is true metal!

The night of the concert was also the night that Shanghai's first typhoon of the season passed through town. This picture doesn't really capture it, but the rain as coming down thick and strong. Chris and I got soaked walking to find a taxi.

Doh, stuff is fading into the background of my memory. All I really remember is that Jodi and I capped off a date with half-off ice cream at Raffles City and taking pictures in front of the Madagascar display at the 和平影城, ie the Peace Cinema.

One night, Asa invited Chris and I over to help him move out of Suyong's place and into his new apartment. Afterwards, he took us out for pizza at the New York Pizza place across from the Jing'an Temple, and then Lindi arrived and...

...we went dancing at Madame Zung's. I left early to share a taxi with Lindi, but I hear Asa and Chris stayed until the last call. Nice!

At Burger King: a Whopper combo with double cheese, please... No, not two Whopper combos with cheese. Sigh.

One night I did my sometimes-weekly dinner with Chris, and Jodi came along. Chris recommended a Korean place at the entrance to Doulun Rd that was a little expensive, but served pretty good food.

Contrary to what it may seem like, we don't eat all our meals out. Here's a scrumptious homemade meal that Jodi put together (with a little help from Micah): french fries, sausage fried with greens and hot peppers, purple veggie and egg soup, and something I don't recognize. But I'm sure it was delicious!

OK, enough relaxing. Time to get to work! This involves:

Teaching class.

Watching others teach class.

And going out with co-workers... eat crayfish. Not my favorite dish, mostly because your hands get real oily and dirty. For me, the best part of the meal is washing my hands at the end.

This summer I came up with a simple game where the kids do different dances/chants depending on the card I pull out, and then freeze when I pull out a special card. Then I use my camera/phone to take pictures of the kids with the best poses, and let them see the photo as a reward. Here are some results:

(↑ my favorite)

Feeling too silly? How about...

An evening class meets on the campus of Shanghai Finance University, near Jodi's place. Boooring!

Ah, Dashan. What can I say, I'm a fan.

But not I'm still more of a fan of Cold Fairyland. After this particular concert, we went out for dinner and plotted how to get even with Harley's for snaking Yuyintang's equipment. Heh.

So that's it for August. See you (real) soon for September's wrap-up. (and remember that all these photos are stored and available for viewing anytime on my Flickr account)


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