Sunday, January 14, 2007


Two things, school-related.

First, our school is recruiting. Sadly, they do a very poor job of it because most recruiting is handled by HR and they're more used to hiring engineers and line-workers than teachers. This is one of the many peculiarities, some good and some bad, of working for a private school attached to the main China location of a multinational Taiwanese semiconductor company.

So I'm making the call for applications here. If you are interested in teaching middle school or high school at The SMIC Private School in Shanghai, please send me your resume. We are particularly needy in the field of math, where about half of the staff is moving on to other departments, jobs or schools after this summer. We are also looking for somebody to teach computer science, preferably in addition to another core subject. We prefer full-time teachers, with near or native English, and degrees plus experience. An NDA keeps me from revealing the starting salary (another one of the peculiarities); it's lower than at the other international schools in Shanghai, but is balanced by company-subsidized housing and a relocation bonus even if you're local, plus possible stock options.

The SMIC Private School is a growing K-12 school with a good mix of majority-American experienced and just-starting staff and administration; the school values career advancement and investment in faculty education. Our curriculum is American and all classes are taught in English. Our study body is 99% Asian-American/Canadian, Taiwanese and Korean; our students are well-disciplined and hard working. Last year our first graduating class of 7 students all went on to study at private and public American universities; this year we have 12 seniors, and three classes of 21 to 23 sixth graders. We have prom, AP classes, and require students to buy TI graphing calculators for upper-level math classes. We enjoy a strong PTA that supports both students and teachers with parties and other activities. The school has the backing of SMIC, a multinational company that sets our budget, built and upkeeps a large campus with a wide array of facilities, and provides a strong set of incentives to keep teachers at the school long-term. We welcome you to come for a visit when you apply. We are located in Zhangjiang Park, a 10 minute taxi/25 minute bus ride from the terminal station of Line 2 in Pudong.

E-mail me at and I will forward your resume to the appropriate department head.

The second thing: I just spent a few hours typing up some solutions for my AP Stats class. It took a long time and I think I did a pretty good job. (I really need to get LaTeX working on my school compie, though.)


At Jan 23, 2007, 6:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Who am I? I know you from 6th grade and since you got 4.6GPA then figur who i am! and you will see me every workday.
---from Ja

At Feb 21, 2007, 1:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

hello mr Sittig! i was finding SMIC school's address on google and found your site is on the thrid result in the list. hehe have a nice holiday~


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