Monday, November 26, 2007


On Friday night Jodi and I went to check out the cleaned-up Wujiang Rd, but before we did we ate dinner at a place I'd had my eye on for a while. It's called "Hungry Steak and Humburg", and it's a Japanese-owned franchise located just outside the Nanjing West Rd metro stop, close to Muji. They have hamburger steak combos for RMB 35-45, steak combos for up to RMB 150 and a selection of wine which I am completely unqualified to judge. We had an order of QQ牛肉饼 as appetizers, which amounted to three pretty tasty beef croquettes. The interior decoration is pleasant, the place is small, and unfortunately smoking is allowed. Still, we decided it's the kind of place we'd come back to. The total came to RMB 90 for two, without drinks.

The abridged take-home menu:

Hungry Steak and Humburg


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I love how you made your homepage look like Facebook...wonderful!


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