Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Snapshots from tonight:

Jodi in bed early with a headache, reading my copy of Mian Mian's 熊猫 and enjoying the electric blanket on 'high'.

Charlotte in the bath playing with her cup and rubber duck, finally away from the fawning grandparents, alone and playing with her toys, focused, oblivious of her father sitting nearby.

Jodi's mom and dad, sitting on the couch, having finished dinner and the dishes, watching a 抗日 anti-Japan soap opera and waiting with a bowl of hot rice-porridge for Charlotte to finish her bath.

Me on the Linux box again, fixing Chinese font display, updating the bus line translations, browsing the Shanghai metro BBSs, looking up the phrase 两条鱼事件 (net-censor-dodging code for the Chen Liangyu corruption case), listening to Nat King Cole.

Nice hair


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