Sunday, January 20, 2008


Jodi and I have been off the home computer for a few days because the power supply finally gave up the ghost. I wasn't expecting to find a Shuttle XPC SS51G mini power supply in Shanghai and was ready to order one from the US, but the ever-resourceful folks at the Taipingyang PC mall in Xujiahui pooled their forces and found a near-enough match. Once home I found that one connector was missing, but used some wire from the old power supply to patch up the new one. Seems to be working fine for now, which means I'm listening to Rhapsody and browsing high-res pictures of a spacewalk.

The trip to Xujiahui meant that I got to take Line 2 to Century Avenue, switch to the Line 4 inner loop to Shanghai Stadium, and Line 1 to Xujiahui. On the way back I took Line 6 from Lancun Rd, just for fun.

Tonight was one of those rainy stay-at-home-but-who-wants-to-cook nights. Jodi suggested ordering pizza, but the lady at the Pizza Hut central switchboard let us know that our local delivery branch has closed so I offered to run to 湘霸王 for Hunanese take-out. Healthier, cheaper and tastier! Clear-fried celtuce, Chinese celery with cured beef, and spicy BBQ shrimp skewers. Yummers.

Whenever I tire of the provincial flavor of the local papers, I buy the 南方周末 (Southern Weekly?). Also yummers.


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