Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Charlotte's in this weird stage now. Every time we leave the room and come back, she is in a new position. Maybe she scooted forward a couple feet, or turned around by 180 degrees. But we never see her move. Very mysterious.

Star Wars character

The only new skill we can see that might explain it is that she can sit with her legs almost crossed, feet together, and then fall forwards onto her stomach. If she does it on the floor it ends with her crying and sucking her thumb. If it's on the bed, it allows her to extend her reach by another foot or so. But this is not the entire explanation of her movement, because we haven't seen her be able to get back upright after she falls down.

She's getting to the age where she wants things that are beyond her reach. This is good for her because now she has a motivation to move beyond what is in her immediate area, having to crawl — or some day walk — to get it.


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