Sunday, February 03, 2008


A snowman story

When we came back from running errands today at about 4pm, we entered our apartment complex and noticed a very neglected snowman near the back buildings. Basically, it was a small ball of snow on top of a big ball of snow. Nothing else.

I suggested to Jodi that a carrot and a couple of eyes would suit it, so she stayed downstairs while I dropped off some bags at home and grabbed a carrot, a couple of 龙眼 (lóngyǎn fruit; it's name literally means dragon eye), and a couple of wooden spoons. Back downstairs we dressed up the snowman, chatting with a couple of boys who were working on another smaller snowman nearby. It turned out pretty spiffy:


We plucked off the gloves and kitchen utensils, replacing them with branches for arms, and staked the hat onto the head with a small stick to protect it against the wind. As we left, Jodi and I wondered how long the snowman would last. Overnight was my guess.

Who knew that when we came back with dinner supplies 40 minutes later, every single bit of decoration on the snowman was torn off. The hat, nose and eyes were missing.

Bah humbug. At least we had fun making it.


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