Friday, March 07, 2008


SMIC Private School

As you probably already know, I teach math and science at SMIC Private School, a growing private international school in Shanghai. Right now we are in the middle of our recruiting process for the 2008-2009 schoolyear, which means we are looking for inspired, science-minded people to come and teach at our school. Our openings are mostly teaching general science at the middle school level but we are willing to seriously consider any candidate with a solid background in science and passion for being an educator. A one-year minimum commitment is required, but we weigh long-term, stable teachers heavily in our hiring decisions. Our salaries are covered by an NDA (SMIC stands for Semiconductor Manufacturing Int'l Company so do the guesswork) so I'll just say that while the pay is lower than at other int'l schools in Shanghai we definitely pay more than local schools, and provide some interesting benefits due to our unique affiliation with SMIC company. We recruit in Shanghai and from abroad, so wherever you are reading this from you are welcome to apply! E-mail me for a more detailed picture of the school, or send me a resume if you are interested from the get-go. (Interest in other departments besides science is welcome too, but I can't be sure that they are still recruiting.)


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