Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comments is an interesting website. Their business is magazine and newspaper subscriptions. You can order anything from the 日本经济新闻 (Japan Economic News) for ¥15300.00 a year to 贝太厨房 (Betty's Kitchen, a foodie magazine) for ¥66.00 a year. They service Shanghai, and their list of top subscriptions sold (on the site's front page) looks like this:


  1. 新民晚报 (Xinmin Evening Post)
  2. 新闻晨报 (Shanghai Morning Post)
  3. 新闻晚报 (Shanghai Evening Post)
  4. 报刊文摘 (Newspaper and Magazine Digest)
  5. 第一财经日报 (First Financial Daily)
  6. 21世纪经济报道 (21st Century Business Herald)
  7. 申江服务导报 (Shanghai Times)
  8. 参考消息 (Reference News)
  9. 东方早报 (Oriental Morning Post)
  10. 青年报 (Youth Daily)

I guess that means I'm typical since I tend to buy the Shanghai Morning Post by default for the morning commute (not so much lately, since no more commute) or the free Metro Express; and in the afternoons at about 3 or 4 I begin to scan the newsstands for early copies of the Xinmin Evening Post, my runaway favorite. Or sometimes if I'm inspired by St Martinsen I'll pick up something I haven't read before, like a 武侠 monthly or 科幻世界 (if I can find it).


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