Tuesday, March 11, 2008


When I ran across a Youtube video of the recent Nanjing East Rd flash mob on Shanghaiist, I favorited it for the fun weirdness of it. Today I realized that it was recorded by Shanghaimat, and that it got huge traffic from a site called CNbeta. I think I've heard of it before so I surfed on over.

Turns out CNbeta is like a Chinese Slashdot with some general news headlines thrown in and a few other features besides just tech news and comments. Shanghaimat's video was included in a post on the "freeze" flash mob which got the usual snarky BBS comments from posters, a few of the more interesting of which I'll translate here:

I saw this abroad before.
Foreigners sure like to play, organizing something like this on a rainy Shanghai day.
Where were the urban control officers?
Gonna burn you to death with a lighter!
You tube 强!
Youtube's cool!
What a buncha boors with nothing better to do.
I gotta wonder, if this had been a buncha Chinese would those police have held back? (警察叔叔)
Shanghai welcome's foreign talent and migrant workers, but wannabe "new Shanghainese" get the fuck out.
A perfect illustration of "got money and nothing better to do".
This is a kind of humor-loving lifestyle. Chinese living in the pressure cooker that is China today just can't understand. (in reply to the "boooring" comment)
看不到了吗?和,蟹 了吗?
Why can't I see the videos? Have they been "crabbed"?
No hot girls, or else you could jump in and get a hug out of it, haha.
What's the point of the people taking photos. They're standing still!
老外是有钱就想生活慢节奏,所以有时frozen;天朝是没钱恨不得一分钟当120秒用,走得象跑的,赶着整点钱,哪有那闲工夫整这个啊 .
Foreigners have money and like to live life in the slow lane, so they've got time to play "frozen"; us Chinese can't even take a minute to smell the daisies, we walk like we're running, squeezing the cents out of every minute, where would we get the time to pull these things off?
The urban control officers are off playing Street Fighter. (in response to "where's the chengguan?")
The Chinese will copy this in a second, just like Meizu.
In the video I caught a glimpse of a sign saying "Creativity is the spirit of advancement for the people" (a classic Nanjing East Road landmark). However, I betcha in a few days we'll see "freeze" mob imitators popping up in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing...
No Chinese or dogs allowed to freeze mob

Haha, funny. But not as good reading as another article I read on CNbeta, supposedly written by Jack Ma's wife and titled "Son addicted to online games, Jack Ma swears not to invest a cent in the industry". It goes on to describe how Jack and his wife made millions at Alibaba, neglecting their son and almost losing him to the net cafe. A good example of parental responsibility in the end.


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