Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Yesterday at lunch I made a mistake, which turned into serendipitous discovery.

My intention had been to go to the China Telecom office here in Zhangjiang Park to transfer our telephone and internet service to the new apartment. Due to a mix-up on my part, I picked up a piece of paper with the China Mobile address on it and handed it to the taxi driver (I was in a hurry). When we arrived I realized my mistake, but the correct address was back at school so there was not much I could do. The drive hadn't been far so I decided to walk back to school. On the way back I ran across two notable things.

First was the 华东师范大学张江实验中学, the East China Normal University Zhangjiang Experimental Middle High School. Actually I walked behind the school, where the soccer field is located. It's got this amazing, half-stadium with what looks like administrators' offices overlooking the soccer field sorta like clubhouses at modern American baseball stadiums. Really impressive for a high school. I can't find any pictures online, I'll take my camera next time.

The second thing is that I ran across a little mini water-town, like Zhouzhuang only with more trees, no boats, more little foot-bridges across the water, and less touristy. Actually from a couple other walks that I've taken through the eastern edge of Zhangjiang High Tech Park, in what used to be Zhangjiang Village, I get the feeling that a lot the countryside around here used to be that way. When the weather gets nicer it'll be worth taking a walk down there with the family and looking for a snack near the shady water.


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