Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today we had a pretty busy day. In the morning we slept in and then got ready quickly. We took the 东川专线 bus to Longyang Rd, where we met Chris and his wife as they entered they subway station. When we told them that we were going to the flower market they told us that it was going to close down soon, and sure enough when we arrived there were only a couple dozen flower sellers nearest to the entrance left. Luckily, the stand that I was hoping to find was still there with a skeleton stock left so I was able to pick up a pot apiece of oregano (can you use that fresh in foods?), rosemary, basil and a plant called "lemon balm" that smells like spearmint and I'm happy to see Wikipedia saying can be "used as a repellant for mosquitos". Those herbs are now sprinkled around the kitchen. We also picked up a bunch of flowers to put outside our front door to mask, I joked with Jodi, the smell of Charlotte's soiled diapers! The best-smelling is the jasmine flowers, but we also got a couple mini chrysanthemums, a succulent with wispy tissue-thin petals on its flowers, and a few other random pretty flowers.

Back home, we put Charlotte down for her nap and lunched on take-out from Taibei Kitchen. Jodi watched TV and napped, and I caught up on news on the computer.

When Charlotte woke up we got her stuff ready and took the 张江环线 bus to Line 2, riding it to East Nanjing Road. There we replaced my Uniqlo umbrella ("lost" at Yuyintang), got money from an ICBC cash machine, and let Charlotte get some walking practice on Shanghai's most famous pedestrian street. At the 第一食品 (No 1 Food Store?) we walked all the way to the back to find a traditional foods market that we had seen featured on Channel Young a few days ago, and had a snack of Shanghai 生煎. After resting for a bit, we had dinner at Burger King and caught Kung Fu Panda at the new Grand Shanghai Cinema. By the time we got out it was almost ten o'clock, so we came right home, gave Charlotte a bath and put her to bed, and Jodi is asleep while I stay up to finish this post. A busy but lazy summer Saturday.

Good night.


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