Monday, July 07, 2008


Full day today: yummy Thai food at in the Jing'an Temple 久光 basement, rounding out a gift in the department store above, visiting John B/Kexia/baby Willy at their beautiful new apartment, shopping for shoes and pastries at Zhongshan Park, Guizhou-nese dinner with a great view at the People's Square 干锅居, then home to bathe Charlotte and upload pictures to Flickr. Speaking of pictures, here's one from a tea with friends at the 御花园 Restaurant inside Zhongshan Park, which coincidentally happened to be the location of our wedding almost two years (minus 2 days) ago:

Meeting of friends

And a bonus picture of tonight's dinner:

Admire my spread

More photos on my Flickr and, with some overlap, on Jodi's Yupoo.


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