Thursday, July 03, 2008


I put up a set of photos on Flickr this evening that might require some explanation. For a few weeks now, rumors have been floating around on the Zhangjiang Jiayuan online BBS that one of the supermarket giants would be opening a store soon in the Zhangjiang area. Would it be Legou/Tesco, or Yichu Lianhua, or Carrefour...? After a while, a definite location came to light: the new, boxy two-story building on Middle Gaoke Road, a short bus ride away from our house. Not long after, people started claiming to have heard one way or the other, and a couple of dates (7/25, 8/8) were quoted as the official opening date. But nobody had any definite proof of what the store was going to be. So this afternoon Charlotte and I took the Dongchuan bus down to Yijiang Road (should have gotten off a stop later at Zhangdong Road) and scouted out the location, camera in hand. The photos in the Flickr set are pictures of the outside and inside of the building. The prize photos is this one:


It was written on the side of a box of equipment waiting to be unpacked and says 家乐福上海张江高科店, "Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Carrefour". I posted the pictures back to the BBS as a public service to settle that discussion. Currently Jodi and I have to walk to the north side of the LQ and take the 909 more than 10 stops to the Jinqiao Carrefour; it will be nice having a Carrefour only 5 stops away on a bus that runs right outside the south gate.


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