Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My parents have always told me (and books back them up) that my name, Micah, is a question asking "who is like God?". Having studied and spoken several languages, I now guess that there must be some serious implied context to be able to get that meaning out of two syllables.

The point of this post, though, is not the above. Today I'm doing some online research to pick matching "English" names for the Chinese names Jodi has chosen for our second child. I'm flirting with the idea of choosing a non-English name for the boy-name (we don't know the sex), and in the course of that train of thought I came across a website with a list of Igbo names from Nigeria, and their meanings. Lo and behold, there is an Igbo name that means "who is like God?", which would be the Igbo equivalent to Micah. The sound, however, is nothing similar: Onyedikachukwu. I should add it to my middle names.

And via Peijin, honey, I'm still bigger than you:

A fat husband whose tummy is bigger than his pregnant wife's.


At Jul 17, 2008, 12:32:00 PM, Blogger Larry Sittig said:

Cool name, but maybe Igbo is a good name all by itself. "You go, Igbo!" Et cetera.
For context, Micah as I understand it is a shortened form of Micaiah, and the three elements are Mi, meaning Who? (interrogative, not relative), ca, meaning like, and Yah, shortened form of the divine name Yahweh.

At Jul 17, 2008, 2:10:00 PM, Blogger Micah Sittig said:

That makes a lot of sense, more than the "missing context" guess. And with the Jewish G*d thing. I imagine I'd want a shortened form as well if my name was Onyedikachukwu.

I dunno about Igbo, it might be embarassing if I meet with somebody who spoke the language. Although "French" is not a bad name...


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