Thursday, January 01, 2009


I had a long New Year's Eve, but it was a good start to the year.

At school, I stayed late working on documentation for the Observatory. Home by 6:15, out the door by 6:30. Zhangjiang Loop Line, Line 2, Line 1 to Hengshan Rd, and I arrived at a hot pot place on Zhaojiabing Rd almost at 8, late by about 45 minutes. Still, only Rebecca and Isaac were there and they welcomed me warmly. We chatted for a while and ate, and then Bruce and Popoever came in a bit later and joined the conversation. Was a good night of very interesting people touching on a range of internet-related topics, from the serious to the ╔囧╗ ╚囧╗ ╚囧╝ ╔囧╝.

At about 10:30 we split ways and I walked back to Hengshan Rd through throng of trendy young Shanghainese. I spotted Lindi the minute I walked into Melting Pot, and she ushered me over to entertain and translate for her husband's visiting cousin. After Cold Fairyland's set, stepping outside to message Jodi at midnight, and meetings a few new friends, a group of us caught a taxi to Bifengtang on Zhaojiabang Rd for "midnight" snacks. It was 3am, and there was still a line for tables!

Melting pot

Afterwards we went to Lindi's place and I napped on the floor because I'd been awake for almost 24 hours by then. Shared a taxi to Longyang Rd at 6am, and I caught the first Dongchuan Line back to Zhangjiang to sleep until noon. I miss Jodi, Charlotte and Maryann on my first day of 2009 but look forward to being back together on the 初一, the first day of the Chinese New Year.


At Jan 2, 2009, 9:53:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey I was the Melting Pot too, unfortunately, didn't see you there as I was sitting by the bar. Maybe next time.

Really enjoyed the show though.


At Jan 2, 2009, 12:00:00 PM, Blogger Lisa Movius said:

Sounds like fun. I wanted to drop by, and it's not like it's far from my place, but decided to indulge the flu recovery for a few more days. Sorry I missed it!


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