Friday, January 16, 2009



Random notes from the last day of the semester:

  • I took the science department out for lunch to Jepson Life, and overheard many positive reviews of the place. The fourth floor is even more spectacular than the third; can't wait for spring to eat out on the deck under the evening sky. A photo of my roasted vegetable pizza 烤蔬菜比萨 graces this post.
  • I think my RSS feeds follow my lifestyle, and recently I've noticed that my "China weblogs" folders are thinning, and I'm subscribing to more international school teacher weblogs and bicultural family weblogs. Though I'm a bit conflicted on that last one; I think it's still enough to be a good family, and you'll be able to deal with almost anything by just being loving and supporting and creating your own family culture. I'm still thinking about that, though. (Jennifer: I wrote you a long e-mail reply, but it was too and I've been too busy to edit it.) One community that I don't want to lose touch with is the Chinese internet free thought group, and another community I'd like to get more involved in (as a bridge blogger?) is the Chinese education reform/tech community. Would need to renew my Chinese study habits to really be effective, though.
  • I went to the company main campus to hand in some documents for my work permit renewal (my school's teachers are not "foreign experts"; long story), and I walked home to save taxi fare. I took some pictures below, including one of the new Border Control service center that just opened up a few weeks ago across from SMIC. I'd be more excited about it but now that I'm gainfully employed the company HR takes care of all that paperwork. Nice building, though, and very friendly staff.
  • I really miss Jodi, Charlotte and Maryann. Luckily I think this MEd class will help the time to pass faster. Eight days till I fly back to meet them.

The new Border Control (visa) service center in Zhangjiang.

A community administration service center in the same park.


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Being guilty of writing long (very long) emails, I don't mind unedited long emails! But take your time -- no hurry!



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