Sunday, September 13, 2009


Early China/East-Asia related memories:

  • As a young boy in southern Spain, buying firecrackers for pennies at the corner kiosk and examining their exploded carcasses. At that point I recognized the script as Chinese characters thought I'm not sure how.
  • In the setting, reading Ibañez comics like Mortadelo y Filemon and seeing the occasional buck-toothed, yellow-faced Chinese character wearing a Manchu hat and braid. Spain not having been a world-power in several centuries, the characters were intended to be more exotic and humorous than threatening.
  • Living in Madrid, my first memory of a family outing for Chinese food. The dishes I remember clearly were the lemon chicken (I've only ever seen this once in China) and broad, crunchy pastel shrimp chips.
  • Waking up early on Saturdays to watch Japanese people do crazy stunts on Humor Amarillo ("Yellow Humor"), a show I looked up a couple years ago as being called "Takeshi's Castle".
  • In the eighth grade, still abroad, playing table tennis nearly every day at lunch with a Korean classmate. I wondered how many summer camps (the only place I had ever played table tennis) he had attended to be so good at the sport.


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