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Management plan during the Expo

The following post has been pinned at the top of each Metrofans subforum for over a month now. The translation is mine:



  1. 关闭游客访问本站功能。
  2. 即日起,本站发现不和谐内容的帖子将直接删除,删除时若写名删除理由的,以删除理由为准。若没有写明理由的,则为上级要求批量删除。
  3. 因内容不和谐而被被删除的帖子,不接受任何投诉,反复纠缠者,直接禁发言。
  4. 即日起,关于安检的内容,只得发布合理的建议和意见或者是工作不足的监督。不得在本站发布任何关于安检的负面消息,例如质疑、批判、抵制、内部揭发。任何版主有权利删除安检负面信息,且不接受投诉。
  5. 即日起,加强对会员的监督管理。凡是对论坛非重要问题反复纠缠的;挑拨会员情绪、破坏论坛气氛的;对管理成员故意挑刺、挑衅的等,都将被直接禁止访问。被禁止后不接受任何投诉,注册马甲再纠缠的,直接封马甲。
  6. 新发帖子,世博会不得使用有歧义的字母,如需要使用拼音,请使用“shibo会”
  7. 各版均会加强审核与管理,若发生不便,请给予理解。本规定不接受任何评论,若无法接受,可自便。



Management plan during the Expo

In order to cooperate with the relevant departments, in light of this website's actual status, and to better manage the forum, effective immediately and for the duration of the Expo (April 19 to November 15) the Shanghai Metrofans site will implement the following policies:

  1. Close the site to unregistered users.
  2. Beginning today, unharmonious posts will be summarily deleted. A written justification may be given. If no written justification is forthcoming, it is because the post was recommended for bulk deletion by the authorities.
  3. No appeals will be entertained regarding posts deleted for being unharmonious; repeat offenders will be banned.
  4. Beginning today, all posts on the topic of baggage inspections/X-rays must contain only reasonable recommendations and opinions, or reports of insufficient care in inspection work. Posters must not publish on this site any negative information on the topic of security, such as questions, criticism, boycotts, or exposés. Moderators have the right to remove any negative information on security, and will not entertain any complaints.
  5. Beginning today, the forums will strengthen the supervision and management of members. Posters who repeatedly brings up irrelevant problems; provoke other posters and pollute the atmosphere of the forum; and deliberately create run-ins with moderators will be banned without warning.
  6. When posting about the Expo, do not use characters with double-entendres. If pinyin is required, please write "shibo会".
  7. All subforums will be stricter about approval and moderation. Please forgive any inconveniences. These policies are not up for discussion; if you find them unacceptable you are welcome to leave.

We appreciate the cooperation and support of all members.

Shanghai Metrofans

November 15 is two weeks after the Expo finishes.


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